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12 spices in a secret mix? The best fried chicken ever!
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Grace’s Perfect Blend

12 secret spices that have been making taste buds cackle with fun for more than 50 years

Why should you choose for Grace’s Perfect Blend?

You obviously haven’t tasted our blend yet. But ok, we’re listing some reasons why you should:


The original recipe from the grandmaster of fried chicken dishes from Canada and Ireland


Worldwide success for more than 50 years


Refined blend with quality herbs and spices


Affordable and easy to prepare


Once tasted, you simply will not want anything else. Delicious fried chicken wings, nuggets, or other fried chicken dishes? We provide the finishing touch to make you lick your fingers and thumbs!
oh, boy… they taste chick-ceptional!

A rich history

Did you know that the roots of our secret blend are in Canada? None other than Colonel Sanders, the founder of a global chain of fried chicken dishes. Meanwhile, the Grace family has been at it for over 50 years.
Pat Grace with Colonel Sanders during Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Illinois May 1978.

Grace’s Perfect Blend on Youtube

The Canadian cooking channel “Glen & Friends” approached Grace’s Perfect blend while Glen was making a video about KFC. Because of our history with Colonel Sanders, Glen came across our website.

Nevertheless, our spice mix have connections to Colonel Sanders, but it is not the original recipe. Glen completed his research with our legendary spice mix and posted this video on YouTube. Hope you like it! Check out the video below.

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